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I'm no good at all the "Once upon a time" stuff, so I'll get straight to the point. I'm in love. He's a true gentleman with a beautifully carved facem which for some reason people fear like no man's business, and a perfectly exciting personality, which for some other reason people fear most of all. I've known him since 1998 and I still couldn't figure out how to tell him my feelings until that one day when Voldemort finally found out my true feelings for him through the internet.

February 13, 10:54 P.M.

Welcome to Yahoo Instant Messanger!

Friends on: Doomsday08s

"Oh, good! The perfect opportunity!" I exclaimed in elegant surprise.

Doomsday08s: hey, sniquers! how're u?"
Sniquers08s2: hi! im good, but kinda troubled.....
Doomsday08s: bout what?
Sniquers08s2: oh, nothing, u wouldn't care.....
Doomsday08s: no, go ahead, tell me
Sniquers08s2: fine but u'll think it's silly..... I luv u, I have since we met!

5 Akward seconds later......

Doomsday08s: k, im back, whatd you wanna tell me?
Sniquers08s2: ..... how about tomorrow we meet at the statue of liberty and I'll tell you then!
Doomsday08s: ok, c u there!

Doomsday08s has logged off.

I logged off as well, preparing for the next day.
I woke up at eight o' clock in the morning and got dressed. Tonight would be the night, I thought to myself. Tonight I would finally tell Voldemort how I truly felt. But first, I would have to go shopping for food, I was running out. I got into my sky blue porcsche and put the key into ignition. First, I went to Food 4 Less and got what I needed there, that would take about three hours. Then I went to Carls Jr. for a bite to eat. When I finally got home, it was about five o' clock so I went to my room and got dressed in my nice, green, velvet dress.
I got into the car once more and drove a half an hour to the statue of liberty, where it would take me another 30 minutes to get to the top. Once I did, I found, standing infront of me, a cloaked figure with a unique face that I would recognize in an instant.
"Voldemort, hi!" I said.

"Hi, Niqui. So, what did you want to tell me?" he wondered.

"Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe I should turn back and leave. It's not important, anyways." I tried to back my way out shyly.

"No, no. It's fine, you can tell me anything," he encouraged.

"Ok, then...... I love you. I have since we met. I just haven't been able to figure out how to tell you!"
A few seconds passed by while we stared at each other with nothing to say. The seconds felt like minutes until he said, "I, too, have something I need to tell you. I love you also. Like you said, I haven't figured out how to tell you until now."

I smiled and blushed sheepishly as I turned away shyly. I could feel my face burning up with excitement. Could it be true? Could my true love actually have feelings for me, the same feelings I have for him, even?

"I have something for you," he said.

"R-really?" I stuttered, still not turning around. In less than a second, he appeared next to me, took out his wand, and pointed it to a small sailboat, whch in a second exploded into flames. I looked with wonder as smoke started to rise. It rose in the shape of a heart. I turned to face him, thankfulness and loving pronounced in my gaze. He smiled my favorite smile and took my hand in his.

Two hours later....

After we had finished, we headed for the elevator.
"Please, let me," Voldemort offered.

"Thank you," I said in return. He pushed the down button and we waited for the elevator and got in once it was there. We held hands as we waited. The elevator stopped on the third floor and we watched as someone came in.

"Hello," came a familiar voice.

"Heather?" was all I could say.

"Niqui? Voldemort?!" Heather exclaimed.

"And Santa!" the voice came from the other corner in the small room. There sat a man dressed in a red and white suit, probably weighing a ton or two.

"W-what?" Heather asked.

Turning back to me, she said, "What are you doing here and for the sake of heaven and earth, why are you with HIM?!"

"Oh, yeah. Voldie, this is Heather. Heather, this is Voldie! We're on a date!"

"Whoa!" she said backing up. "You mean to tell me that you guys are together?!"


"Like TOGETHER, together?!"

"Um, yeah. Wasn't the first response enough?"

"You got a problem with that?" This time it was Voldemort who spoke. He took out his wand and pointed it to Heather's face saying, "This punk bothering you, sweetheart?"

Heather was about to answer when the door opened and a friend of mine appeared in front of it.

"Umm..... I'm not quite sure how to respond to this.....," Amy said akwardly while she looked from me to Voldemort, whose wand was in Heather's face, to Heather, and finally to Santa, whose head was bopping to the beat of the elevator music as he said,

"I love this song!"

And with that, Amy squeezed inside and we, again, began our descent slowly.

"So," I say, "What are you guys doing here?"

"I work here," Amy responded.

"......I'll tell you later," Heather said.

"And is there any particular reason why there's a dark lord in our elevator?" Amy asked.

"We're on a date," I answered plainly.

"Ok, I don't think I want to know why," Amy said in return.

Amy's stomach growled and announced, "I'm hungry!" She pulled out her sandwich out of her pack.

"I forgot to eat lunch," she said with a very simple explanation.

"Well that was stupid!" Voldemort said.

"Now, you listen here, Buster!" Santa exclaimed. "You better cowboy up and start being nicer to people! Did you know that you are the only person in the history of the world who has been on the naughty list since before you were born?!"

Voldemort walked toward Santa and said, "Well you're one to talk, fat man!"

Santa retorted with a, "Well at least I have hair! You're worse than Michael Jackson, you nose-less, red eyed cretin, you!"

"You wanna make something of it, chubby cheeks?"

"Well if Harry Potter can, I'm sure I can, too!"

Voldemort gasped and said,"That does it!" And he took Amy's sandwich- "My sandwich!"- and threw it at Santa, who was roaring and charging at Voldemort. Within five seconds, Voldemort was hustled to the ground. All of a sudden, we felt a jerk and a piercing squeal as the elevator started to fall.

"I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die!" Santa yelled as he took out a red and white stocking, and cupped it to his mouth, breathing rapidly. While Heather and Amy were having a fiasco of their own, Voldemort and I were trying to communicate, but with no success.

"You jerk, I hate you!" I yelled over the loud screeching and everyone eles's screaming.

"You want some beef jerkey?"

"No! This is all your fault!"

"You want some salt?"


".....Are you aware that we have the same-sized ears?"

"I-I think I love you!" And with that, Voldemort caught me in his arms and held me tight as we were floating in the air.

With an abrupt jerk, the elevator skidded to a stop and I fell onto Voldemort, who still held me tight. Out of the middle of nowhere, I heard someone yell, "He's dead! Santa died!"

And for no reason whatsoever, I started to cry in Voldemort's arms while he soothed me and said, "It's allright, you're ok."

"It was so scary! I thought I was going to die! I was so scared! I thought you were going to die!" While I was crying and hyperventilating, the other two were talking about the fat guy sprawled out dead on the floor.

Over the P.A., we heard, "We're coming to get you out as soon as we can, please stay there!"

I stopped crying immediately. It was all quiet when, after 10 minutes, the elevator started to work again and was raising to the first floor. We all hurried out like nothing had ever happened, going out seperate ways and leaving the dead man on the floor.
A story I wrote in the 8th grade ^^
LoneWolf98 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010
I've read this before, but so long ago... tTHIS IS FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!
I'm gonna draw a picture of it now... XDDDD
AmmyWolf95 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
i remember this!! :D
ryderwolf24 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010  Student Photographer
Good times, gooooooooood times! :iconilavplz:
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